Lincoln Speech

In the summer of 1858, Lincoln gave a speech in Lewiston, Illinois.  Concerned that people had forgotten what the Declaration said, he decided to remind them.  Not many Americans know about this speech today.  I myself had never heard of it until someone shared it with me.  But after reading it, and thinking about it, I’m convinced there’s no better message I can share this Independence Day.

The Best Man I Ever Knew

As you know, this special day isn’t just a chance to buy Dad some new cologne or a power drill.  It’s an opportunity to reflect on what fathers mean to us.  The things they’ve taught, the values they’ve instilled, the examples they’ve set.

The Bear is Back

On Monday, June 13, investors began the week by digesting a new spate of bad – albeit familiar – news: Inflation continues to surge. ...

Financial News

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