Individual Wealth Management

Wealth Management is a refined approach to integrating all aspects of your financial life.

At the Feliciano Financial Group, our mission is to make professional financial advice and investment services accessible to everyone. We believe in putting our clients first, by explaining complex financial topics in easy-to-understand language and helping those in need.

We bring together an integrated team of knowledgeable professionals to help you build, manage, preserve and transition your wealth. This team provides strategies to address your unique financial situation and pursue your needs.

Attending a seminar, reading books on personal finance, casual discussion of money management or using computer software can help understand the process. But consider putting together a 1,000-piece puzzle without the cover picture to guide you. That’s what it’s like for individuals with no financial plan or goals. The complex process of balancing portfolio management, retirement planning, estate planning, and tax planning is what makes wealth planning so crucial.

We Follow a Simple Three Step Process:

  1. Consult: First, we listen. Our personal planning process always starts with a conversation. We want to know what’s important to you. It comes down to knowing which questions to ask, and most importantly, actively listening to you as you answer our questions. Throughout this process we capture objective data (legal documents, financial statements, tax returns, etc.) and discuss your goals, dreams and aspirations. Only after we understand the concrete and intrinsic elements of what makes up your financial world can we begin a thorough analysis.
  2. Evaluate: Together, we’ll develop your personal financial strategy using The Feliciano Financial Blueprint. After reviewing your priorities and a detailed analysis of your current and future finances, we present our recommendations in an actionable, written plan. Your plan is presented so that you and your family will clearly understand your present situation, and your short- and long-term objectives. The plan will serve as our shared reference to take actions and implement strategies that will help move you toward your final destination in a meaningful way.
  3. Implement: After the planning process is complete and we’ve delivered your financial action plan, we move to our final step: Implementation. It’s here that our recommendations are put into place. When necessary, this includes initiation of product strategies and involvement of advisors to create, change or update documents. Clearly, this step is the most meaningful in the process, because it is the real payoff to a transparent and concise effort to make your life everything it can and should be.

Once Implementation is complete, we monitor your plan on an ongoing basis. As the markets, economy and your life changes, we’ll adjust your plan accordingly. Life and the markets may fluctuate, but we’ll remain focused on helping you achieve your financial goals.

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