Episode 36: Financial Considerations While Navigating Divorce

It’s understandable if you’re nervous about getting divorced. However, Jose and Jeff Feliciano are...

Episode 35: Young Families: Learn How To Plan Your Future

What’s important to you? When looking at your and your family’s future, it’s crucial to integrate...

Episode 34: Should Have, Would Have, Could Have: Let’s Talk Taxes

Live Life on Purpose Should Have, Would Have, Could Have: Let’s Talk Taxes (Ep. 34) Summary: We...


Live Life On Purpose with Jose & Jeff Feliciano

You can now enjoy and listen to our professional advice and insight from wherever you are.

Introducing a new podcast series called “Live Life on Purpose with Jose Feliciano”.

Money is just a tool to achieve the things you want in life –– a tool to make the decision to live your life on purpose.

In the latest podcast, Jose Feliciano draws from years of experience to demonstrate that when your money aligns with your goals, you can live a purposeful life. Because when your vision is clear, your decision is easy.

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