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The Feliciano Family Story

We help our clients be proactive and live life on purpose–lessons learned in the incredible story of the Feliciano family.

Born in the Hell’s Kitchen section of New York City, Jose Feliciano found his passion for the possibilities of life in East Texas.

The oldest of five children born to an immigrant Puerto Rican father and German Irish mother, who were both deaf mutes, life on 47th Street in New York City wasn’t easy for the young couple and their new baby boy.

“Talk about overcoming life’s obstacles,” Feliciano recalls, “ A few years ago I asked my mother how she knew when I would cry at night. She explained that because babies kick their feet when they cry, all she had to do was lay me sideways next to her in bed – and the kicking from the crying would wake her up. Now I don’t think anyone ever taught my mother that little trick, but we all learn to adapt in our own way.”

When he was fourteen, the Feliciano family packed up all their belongings that would fit in a few old suitcases and sold everything else they couldn’t carry. The family walked to the Port Authority Terminal, purchased six bus tickets and boarded a Trailways bus for Jacksonville, Texas – 111 miles south east of Dallas on U.S. 175.

Feliciano recalls the culture shock of moving from a city with 15,000 taxi cabs, to a town with one cab driver who wasn’t even busy. From the city so nice they named it twice, to the Tomato Capital of the World. From the home of Madison Square Garden, to their new home across the street from the ‘Tomato Bowl’ ̶ the local football field.”

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