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Help us help others

Over the years, we’ve found it incredibly rewarding to help people like you pursue financial freedom and leave a legacy.

Thank you for choosing us, and for trusting us with the assets you’ve worked so hard to build.

Many of our clients want to share the same positive experience, with their friends, family, co-workers and neighbors. Chances are, the people you know and like would be a good fit for us, too.

The first step is to think of the people you know who are dealing with certain challenges, such as those who are…

  • facing the loss of a loved one
  • undergoing a medical crisis
  • thinking about retiring early
  • concerned about running out of money
  • unsure about paying for long-term care
  • interested in tax-efficient income planning, preserving assets or avoiding probate

When you refer a friend or family member to our firm, we reach out to ensure they are comfortable talking with us. If they are, we’ll discuss the best way for us to connect — at an event, over the phone or during an in-person visit.

Value-Driven Advisors

Introducing a referral program to share the financial confidence you’ve gained with the people you love.

We owe a great deal of success, growth and ability to uphold one of our core values— helping others—to clients just like you.

Clients who refer individuals or couples who become clients will automatically be added to the program.

Referal Benefits

A Gift of Gratitude

A Gift of Gratitude

An enormous thank you from our family to yours.


Early event Access

Be the first to know about our client appreciation events! You’ll receive reserved seating for select events.

Gift of the Year

Gift of the Year

Enjoy a special new gift each year as our way of saying “Thank you” for your support.

Here are a few ways you can refer friends or family to Feliciano Financial:

  • Gift a copy of Jose Feliciano’s best-selling book, Passion for Possibility.
  • Invite your referral(s) to an upcoming dinner seminar, and join them too!
  • Bring your referral(s) along to an upcoming client appreciation event.

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Our mission is to inspire and motivate people to be proactive and to live their lives on purpose. We are proud to have served from our home in Tyler for over 30 years.

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