Second Edition

Passion For Possibility

Passion For Possiblity

Moving Beyond Believing INTO KNOWING

Passion For Possibility - Second Edition

Passion for Possibility invites you to look at the world through the eyes of a successful businessman, Jose Feliciano. Jose passes along his knowledge gained through his inspiring life story and the invaluable lessons he learned from his deaf-mute parents, which shaped his exceptional communication skills and ultimately led him to prove that the American dream is still alive, well, and flourishing. Learn how to cultivate a positive attitude and believe in yourself, even in the face of life’s many challenges. Gain valuable strategies for setting meaningful personal and financial goals. Overcome fear and self-doubt that may be holding you back from reaching your full potential. Discover how to create your own path to success by envisioning a better future and taking action. With Jose Feliciano as your guide, you’ll unlock the power of possibility and transform your life. Don’t miss this opportunity to embark on a journey of personal growth and create the future you desire.

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In honor of his parents, Edith and Jose Sr., all profits from Passion for Possibility benefit the Tyler Hard of Hearing and Deaf Association for their remarkable work on behalf of the deaf and hard of hearing community in Tyler, Texas.

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Rising above poverty and adversity by developing a strong work ethic early on, Jose set out to establish a firm which stands for integrity and exceeding customer expectations – focused on creating a sense of confidence for each client as they head toward retirement. In addition to being one of the country’s most respected financial planners and maintaining a demanding schedule at his Texas-based financial advisory, he continues to spread his message to “Live Life on Purpose” through his best-selling books, work as a corporate speaker, mentor, and through the 2 Hour House leadership workshops.


Live Life On Purpose with Jose & Jeff Feliciano

You can now enjoy and listen to our professional advice and insight from wherever you are.

Introducing a new podcast series called “Live Life on Purpose with Jose Feliciano”.

Money is just a tool to achieve the things you want in life –– a tool to make the decision to live your life on purpose.

In the latest podcast, Jose Feliciano draws from years of experience to demonstrate that when your money aligns with your goals, you can live a purposeful life. Because when your vision is clear, your decision is easy.

Live Life on Purpose - FFG Podcast
2 Hour House Book

2 Hour House

Is it possible to build a house in only two hours? Either they would prove the doubters wrong and go down in history, or they would go up in flames. Only time, the next few hours to be exact, would tell. A group of East Texas homebuilders dreamed of setting a new world record for building a 2,249 square foot house from the ground up. What this team learned about life, leadership and the persistence of the human spirit will motivate you to transform your own life, work and home from the ground up.

Purchase your own copy of the Amazon best-selling book.

Value-Driven Advisors

When we plan, we want to find the “why” before we talk about “what”.

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