Every successful business relies on a financial system to carefully control income and expenses.

A business must have a system to know its present financial status, and more important, to plan for its future financial moves. A corporation cannot place a $40,000 inventory order unless its controller knows next month’s receipts will cover the order.

Your personal financial situation is comparable to that of a business. Both have concerns for profit, income and expenses, and spending decisions affected by anticipated circumstances. Consequently, personal cash flow management is designed to handle your financial situation like a business, and you will function as the controller.

A System, Not a Budget

Cash Flow Management is a system, not a budget. It allows you to see your financial situation from a long-term, systematic viewpoint. You will see how one move, such as a periodic tax payment, can affect your disbursements for several months prior to, and following, the actual payment. Budgets are too immediate in scope to allow you to relate a March income to a July expense.

It is essential for you to begin a systematic savings and investment program to accomplish financial and retirement goals. Every successful business relies upon a system to control income and disbursements. Your personal financial situation is comparable to that of a business, and is no less important!

Most people have not saved as much as they would have wished. The reason is not that they did not intend to save, but they did not have a system. Lacking a system makes it very easy to be distracted by the many opportunities to spend earnings.

Your financial needs and desires present unique situations, and your system must be flexible enough to accommodate whatever you require. Tailor it to fit yourself and your family; do not rely on what your neighbor does.

While your friends or neighbors might be managing cash flow to save for a European vacation, you may need to direct cash flow towards current tuition for a degree. Your system should be flexible, but also disciplined enough to guide and point you in the right direction.

If your cash flow system becomes a hindrance, do not abandon it; redesign it. With sensitive shaping to your needs, it will allow financial freedom rather than acting as a financial barrier.

A Personal Cash Flow Management System, if used consistently, can be of great value in helping to gain control of your personal financial situation. It will ensure that there is always cash available to pay bills as they come due. It will also help you save more money in a systematic way.

Time is your greatest ally. The more time you have, the less money you will need to save and invest. The less time you have, the more money it will take. Procrastination is a deadly enemy of your goal to retire with financial dignity.